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Course Description


Take our Master in Trading Certificate program and become a successful trader.


This 250-video program includes 1000 hours of trading and investing classes on everything from technical analysis to macro fundamentals, central banks, how to successfully trade stocks, bonds, forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies in the spot markets as well using various derivatives instruments such as ETFs, futures and Options.

Other topics include managing risk, trading psychology, news trading, inter and intra-market correlations, and many more. 

A certificate will be provided upon completion of the exam with a passing grade.

This program also includes 12-month access to AGORA pro as well as weekly group mentoring sessions, weekly strategy sessions, daily macro webcast and live trading sessions.

Also, access to our 500+ trading community.


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It Also Includes

Lifetime Community Membership

When we ask our students what they find so valuable about our courses, one of the first things they say is the community. At IOTAF we foster a highly collaborative and tight-knit community of traders that communicate on a regular basis through our online channels. 

Twelve-Month Full Access To The AGORA Learning Platform

Students get full access to the AGORA platform for 12 months. Agora was created to help traders become successful by providing all the tools and resources needed to become profitable.

The app provides users with access to our complete MASTER IN TRADING CERTIFICATE program, all broken down into 220 sections and videos which can be easily followed for effective learning.

AGORA also offers students and traders real-time news, market research, 24hr live audio squawk and a daily macro webcast, weekly strategy meeting and live trading and mentoring sessions. The app is accessible on a desktop version or mobile App (Apple and Android).

Live Streams And Historical Recording Of All Classes

Every single class we do is recorded and live-streamed. This way it does not matter if you are not able to attend a specific class you can watch the class on your mobile, at your home or watch the course at a later time. Our video archive, has hundreds of classes recorded.

Live Trading Sessions

Using the AGORA learning platform, you can tune in to watch live broadcasting of trading sessions from our professional trading floor in Montreal. Watch our teachers broadcast their trades, demonstrating different strategies, different products and their approach to trading macroeconomic data releases. 

Personal Mentoring

Our instructors, who are successful professional traders, make themselves readily available to spend one-on-one time with you trading and can always answer your questions using Zoom, Slack or email. 


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