Weekly strategy session

Access to our weekly market strategy session where all the senior traders gather to discuss the themes of the week and come up with various swing trading ideas and tactical day trading strategies in every asset class: bonds, stocks, ETFs, forex, commodities, crypto, futures and options. This weekly strategy session has become famous for its immaculate timing in calling some of the biggest moves in markets over the past 10 years including the profitable trade ideas that came from recent OPEC, COVID, central bank developments, war and macro data. It lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a Q&A session where students and traders can ask questions about the topic of their choice.


Daily Macro Webcast

Every morning our senior Macro Strategist puts together a 30 min webcast where he discusses overnight news developments, daily data and central bank speakers schedule and macro strategy for the day in fixed income markets, equities, commodities and foreign exchange.


What is Agora?

Agora: “(in ancient Greece) an open space used for assemblies and markets.”

Agora is a trading education and information platform design to help students become profitable traders. The app is accessible on a desktop version as well as a mobile app on IPhone and Android devices.

Agora offers users access to our full Master in Trading educational content video library as well as real time access to content such as Live classes, weekly strategy sessions, live trading sessions, trading mentoring sessions and daily macro webcasts. Agora also provides real-time news, market research, daily notes, 24-hour live Audio Squawk box and many more features.

Agora also provides access to our 300+ professional trader community and direct access to our senior traders and instructors.


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